Teacher Testimonials


Molly's greatest strengths are her enthusiasm and her love of the students. She was awesome!

- Teacher, Bethany Academy

Molly had great stories, could easily get the attention of the students and was very enthusiastic! She has been one of our best speakers I have heard since I've been teaching (8 years).

- Teacher, Tartan HS

Molly was honest and had an ease with the crowd. She was fabulous and did a great job and the kids loved her and the message!

- Teacher, Stillwater HS

It is delightful that what Molly shares in public, she is also willing to invest in others on a personal level.

- Camie Treptau, Camp Director, Iowa

Molly has the unique ability to connect with her audience. She is passionate, humorous, energetic, and exudes confidence. Her smile is infectiousand she seems to earn the trust of kids almost immediately.

- Scott Tiedens, Teacher at Shakopee HS

Her self-confidence, compassion, spirituality, love of people, and a desire make a positive mark on society has done just that, a positive mark. She is a sunny day in the rainstorms of life.

- Parent of HS Student