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Craig and Molly Sanborn are living proof that young people can survive in and through the the turbulent teen years. Both Craig and Molly faced periods of low self esteem, thoughts of suicide, and had to deal with the effects being bullied. They had opportunities to use drugs and alcohol, but to this day have never used an illegal drug or even drank a beer. Both Craig and Molly had opportunities to compromise sexually, but when they stood at the altar on June 27th 2009, they married as virgins. If, as the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding,” then Craig and Molly Sanborn are the perfect Christian speakers to address the sticky situations teenagers (and their parents) find themselves in each and every day.


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Life is an adventure and Craig and Molly are convinced it was meant to be lived that way. They are committed to helping others experience life to the fullest, and do so through their upbeat, hard hitting messages.

Molly and Craig address an array of audiences (teens, adults, parents, couples) and tackle many topics.   From how to "Keep Your Pants On", "Lessons from  a Love Story", and "Cha-Ching - The Art of Investing in your Marraige", the Sanborns inspire their listeners with a style that is comical, practical, and biblical.  They bring passion and perspective, which stems from a genuine love of God and His Word.  If you are inviting them to speak at a public school, please be assured that they understand the sensitive boundaries and will respectfully address your audience without sharing about their faith or religion.

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    Our individual talks focus on audiences of all ages including teens, aDULTS, parents, and couples

    Love, Sex and Dating





    Contentment in Christ

    Knowing God


    Courage and Integrity







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    The answer is everywhere!  We've spoken throughout the U.S. and in Guatemala, both together and individually, covering a variety of topics for teens and adults.  We're ready to travel as we partner with you for a great event. 

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    Craig is one of the most gifted youth speakers I have ever listened to.
    Mark Roelofs, Pastor, New Horizons Church Mohall
    Molly had great stories, could easily get the attention of the students and was very enthusiastic! She has been one of our best speakers I have heard since I’ve been teaching (8 years).
    Teacher, Tartan High School

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