Student Testimonials

I have been really thinking about my decision about sex a lot lately and I really didn't know what I was going to do about it. But now I am completely sure that I am going to wait ‘till marriage. I'm so glad you came! You are my perfect role model!

- Female, Roseville HS O5

If a pretty girl like her can wait, then I believe I can too

- Female 16

She really detailed the consequences of sex and spoke clearly of the message she gave me. It was wonderful. I am really stopping my activities with girls, and I am choosing secondary virginity.

- Male 16

Best speaker of the year. I appreciated the fact that we had a speaker that was younger and could relate to us.

- Curtis 07

Hearing Molly talk is like a breath of fresh air.

- Melanie 07

The speaker was not what I thought it would was going to be. She was very funny and enthusiastic and a great speaker for this topic. One reason is because it is often an assumption that all popular kids do drugs, drink alcohol, and have sex. But Molly, who I am sure was popular, was here speaking on abstinence.

- Tyler 07

It helped reaffirm my commitmentto being abstinent.

- Michael 07

I liked how she was what she was teaching.

- Tyler 07

Our abstinence speaker, Molly Barnhart, was truly a life-changing speaker. I liked how she told us you can live a fun life and exciting life without having sex because there are so many other activities you can be involved in.

- Claire 07

She was living proof that it is possible to live out your life in high school without sex, drugs, and alcohol. I am happy for Molly to be able to stay a virgin all these years. And I am hoping I can accomplish the same goal she has.

- Nate 07

Everyone should hear her speak because it has had a big effect on me

- Alex 07