Quotes from past event coordinators:

Craig and Molly were captivating, funny, relevant and biblical! They are in their element when speaking with teens and have a great chemistry in life together and when speaking together. If you are looking for a couple with a great story and message to share I would highly recommend them. They were very flexible, friendly and easy to work with. It was a great experience for our teens and parents!

Jon Pausley
“No Apologies for Teens and Parents”
Spencer, Iowa



Our kids were engaged, captivated, inspired and challenged! It was awesome how they used their love story to frame their message. I am so grateful and thankful for how God used Craig and Molly in my students’ lives. May God continue to bless them in their ‘dynamic duo’ ministry. He is doing something SUPERNATURAL!

Toni Sather
Director of Middle School
Maple Grove Evangelical Free Church



I am so thankful for Craig and Molly’s ministry into the heart and lives of our high school students. They are passionate and engaging speakers that communicate and interact with the students in a relevant way. Their story both encouraged and challenged our students to strive for God’s best in their lives, and that made a lasting impact. I have received emails from parents passing on how inspired and challenged their students were as a result of the weekend.

Sterling Moore
Pastor of High School Ministries
First Baptist Church of Geneva



This is our 9th year in offering an area-wide abstinence youth event for the young people of our area. We’ve been blessed with some very good, nationally-known speakers and our event has a great following.

This year however, was exceptional. Craig and Molly Sanborn were our speakers and they presented challenging and factual information intertwined with personal experiences that were engaging, heart-warming, and oftentimes hilarious. Speaking together, they were able to address the issue of sexual abstinence from both his and her viewpoints. They’ve also walked their talk and were able to challenge the kids to set standards and establish boundaries for themselves. Our kids heard about what works by two people who have lived it.

They also came equipped with facts that appealed both to the parents and the kids. The response we had afterwards was far beyond what we expected. As one of the leaders said, ‘We’ve had some great nationally-recognized speakers, but Craig and Molly Sanborn have taken over top shelf. This husband/wife team should be your first call!

Jan Turner
Executive Director
Cherish Center, Milford, Iowa



Notes from Students:

Dear Craig and Molly, Everything about your talk was amazing, but I just wish that I could have heard it one year sooner. This time last year I was still a virgin and dating a girl that I thought was the most wonderful person in the world. Now, one year later, after having done it and now being single for 6 months, I have had this cloud of regret hanging over me the entire time. But, after attending that session I have since realized that I can still serve the Lord and move on from my past mistakes because God is a loving God and He will forgive me of my sins. I thank you for opening my eyes to this wonderful concept that even after all of my faults that He still loves me. Once again I appreciate the time you spent talking to all of us.


Hi Craig and Molly
My girlfriend and I were the ones in the front row at the Mega Rally at Bethel University. I just want to be upfront and honest with you and tell you that you along with Christ Jesus changed me and my girlfriend’s relationship for the better. We had both struggled with sexual sin and temptation and tested our boundaries. After hearing you speak we realized that things needed to change. We sat in a Perkins Parking lot after the show and talked for almost an hour and a half. We prayed and recommitted ourselves and our relationship to Christ and asked him to help us because we cannot do this on our own. I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do! It has an impact on not just those students from youth groups, but also on two college students from a Christian College, who are struggling with that stuff. So thank you very much. My prayers are with you as you go out in the world, sharing your story, and serving Christ.


Molly, Having you pray for me was not a coincidence as we both know. Although my story will be very different, your story has shown me that this lonely heart of mine can be fully content in God’s love for me. Thank You Molly (and Craig of course!). Your story has touched my heart and God has spoken to me through you. What an amazing gift. One day I hope God will place me in a position like yours– completely devoting every minute to serving His people and sharing my story all to give Him glory. Have you ever been so happy with the Lord that it’s almost physically impossible to contain yourself? I felt that when we spoke and the again when I heard your seminar. Oh! and one more thing! I finally feel free to be my silly self. I always thought it was a major turn off to be goofy but not if it’s the right guy! Thank You! 🙂