Hello! My name is Molly, aka Cheese Ball Chick. I’ve received a lot of nicknames, but one of my favorites is “Jolly Molly”. I love to laugh and smile and find great delight in helping others do so. That’s one of the reasons I carry snacks on my back.


I am a full time speaker, primarily for youth, but enjoy venturing out in to other venues. You can check out more about my speaking at www.mollysanborn.comYou can also listen to 2 of my talks from a weekend retreat by going to Chick Chat.


My most recent adventure was becoming Craig Sanborn’s wife. I knew he was the guy for me when I felt comfortable to wear my cheese balls on our first date. Seriously, I did. To see more about me and Craig’s story, check out www.craigandmolly.com


If you’re in the Minneapolis area, I invite you to check out Overflow Espresso Cafe. I had the privilege of designing and developing this award winning coffee shop for my dad.


I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to write on the Cheese Ball Wall or contact me at molly@cheeseballchick.com