About Molly

Molly grew up in Minneapolis and currently resides in central Minnesota, but it seems she finds herself elsewhere quite often. Some of her adventures have been climbing the Great Wall of China, spear fishing in the Keys (and getting chased by a shark), riding camels and carpets in Jerusalem, floating in the Dead Sea in Israel and soaking up nutrients from the world famous mineral mud, going to Nationals for college volleyball, getting lost in Turkey4 wheeling in Greece, eating very interesting sushi in Japan, riding her motorcycle around Minneapolis and cliff jumping on the island of Saipan. 

Molly's latest adventure took place on June 27, 2009 when she got married to Craig Sanborn. Check out their story at craigandmolly.com. It just so happens that Craig is a National speaker too! They make a rare and dynamic pair in the realm of communicators and would love to tag-team at your next event! 

Molly desires to be a role model to teens, proving that it is possible to live above the influence and have a blast while doing so! Her accomplishments are many. Molly served three years as high school class president, while maintaining a 4.0 and playing 3 sports. After high school, she spent one year in a discipleship training school through Youth With a Mission. During that year she did missions work in Turkey, China and Mexico. 

Molly graduated from North Central University in May of 2006 and holds a bachelors degree in Elementary Education. She was the captain of her college volleyball team, made it on the Dean's List every semester, and has traveled to 9 countries. She was awarded Elementary Education Student of the Year, and most recently developed an award winning coffee shop, Overflow Espresso Cafe, at age 25. Molly has taken many opportunities to lead and motivate and continues to do so as she travels and speaks full time influencing today's youth.


When not on the road speaking, Molly is "hitting the books" as she works toward her graduate degree in Professional Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy.  She also spends her time mentoring girls from her church and community and assisting her husband in his youth ministry.  She enjoys motorcycling and snowmobiling with her husband and challenging him to Mario Kart races on the Wii. 

If you recognize Molly, perhaps you saw her on ABC's popular TV reality show, Wipeout.  Or maybe you've seen her on YouTube or out and about with snacks on her back. She has become known as The Cheese Ball Chick as she brings "joy to the world one cheese ball at a time". If seeing is believing, then check out www.cheeseballchick.com and yes, she carries them just about everywhere!