Craig & Molly Sanborn

What do you get when God brings a professional youth communicator of nearly 20 years together with another passionate speaker who carries cheese balls on her back? The answer is Craig and Molly Sanborn! Together, they make a rare and dynamic speaking team capable of relating to both male and female audiences in a culture that is desperately looking for speakers that practice what they preach.

Craig and Molly have similar stories. They both grew up in Christian homes. They both accepted Christ into their lives at a young age. They both were considered leaders among their peers, and in a relative world they have both made wise choices. Craig and Molly not only made a habit of waiting for God’s best in their lives, but they also waited for each other. The Sanborns are in the minority of couples who married as virgins and racked up close to 65 years of virginity between the two!

Craig and Molly have not only united themselves through marriage – they have also united their passion for speaking to youth, singles and parents with a style and perspective that is incomparable and inspiring to all audiences. In addition to joint sessions with guys and girls, they love to get into deeper, gender specific issues. If the venue allows, they’d love to pair off – Molly with the gals and Craig with the guys. To have Craig and Molly speak at your next event please fill out a contact form.